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Patterns in COVID-19 Trends in People Giving Birth

By: Caitlyn Linehan | University of California, Santa Barbara


This study aims to investigate two issues that come with COVID testing:

1. Early detection of COVID-19 

2. Detection of asymptomatic cases



Can people reporting for labor and delivery act as surveillance of community spread of COVID-19?

          -Exploring the temporal trends


Can we observe differences among people testing positive for COVID-19 between two medical centers within Arizona?

          -Exploring demographics and spatial trends             of positive cases

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Spatial Exploration

Future Research and Takeaways


Need for continued testing because we are able to sample incidence of disease in the general population as opposed to only testing for heterogeneous indications


This study allows us to look at two very different populations that are being affected by COVID-19


Future use of screening can help us better understand behavioral health patterns (2nd HH Peak) especially with the analysis of the future Delta peak


Need for continued testing will allow us to explore the spatial relationship and variation at the zip code level of positive COVID cases between those reporting for labor and delivery and the general population.

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